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As well as helping to do good, supporting charities can help your business in many ways.

With your help we can look forward to a brighter, sustainable future.

Why get

The charitable initiatives of your company can be an integral part of your brand, positioning yourself as reliable and ethical.

Having a charitable presence in your community can increase your reach to a wider audience as well as a great opportunity for networking. Helping a charity such as ours could boost your brand’s visibility on a national level.

Feeling proud to work for a philanthropic company could also increase employee loyalty and retention. Furthermore, people may have individual charities or causes that mean something to them but don’t have time to volunteer or support them as much as they would like.

Charity stories on your website let visitors know about your charitable presence in the community and it can show clients that your organisation is committed to charitable causes. If managed well, successful relationships with charities can positively impact your organisation’s reputation.

There’s the most obvious benefit of businesses working with charities – it makes a positive impact to the charity’s cause. By supporting charities, you are actively helping people, organisations and communities.
It’s easy to get caught up in the day-today business of an organisation but taking time to give something back to a charity can give you a new perspective on work and life.

All there is to know about tax benefits when donating to charities on the dot Gov website:

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